I am, ​an unapologetic, self-actualization content creator. Through my own awakening, birthed my mission, to act as an inner transformation catalyst, for other Black femmes. Helping them to both actualize, and build better relationships with themselves. My heart is so full and crunk unveiling B. Loving to you all, because I know that my soul’s work has the ability to heal so many. I’ve been sitting back in the cut curating the “perfect” way to fulfill so many needs, by starting at the roots, of Blackness, self, sisterhood and your wildest dreams. I would also like to make it very clear, that this organization is not about me, and that I alone, don’t have the answers, but together we will. In this space, my intentions, are that we are able to heal, liberate, ideate and implement much needed solutions for both Black femmes as a collective, and for ourselves alike.

Love & Light,

B. Loving was created to cultivate a space for collective healing, conversation and liberation, amongst Black Femmes exclusively. Which is further carried out through our four pillars, loving your Blackness, loving yourself, loving your sister, and living and loving your dreams. With the intention, that we are all able to both cultivate wholeness as individuals, and as a community.

We are cultivating space for self-Identifying Black femmes across the spectrum. It doesn’t matter what you look like, who you love, what is between your legs, who you pray to, how much money is in your pocket, or what you may be battling physically or mentally. We are creating space for you to heal, and be a part of the solution.

What you see from B. Loving today is not all that we have planned. Each quarter, we will be peeling back another layer of the B. Loving experience. To start, we will focus on cultivating action oriented conversations around targeted issues, to develop, document, and spread solutions. These discussions, will take place in our closed Facebook Group.

Each quarter, we will be exploring and unpacking an overall theme, or concept that aligns with one of our four quarters. Each month, we will unpack that topic further, through more targeted topics, as well as action and solution oriented conversation. At the end of each quarter, there will be an event, that will serve as a culmination of the topic, bringing both the solutions, and next steps to life.

Here, we center Blackness, as a point of understanding, liberation and celebration. Through aiding in the decolonization of our minds. As the root of healing ourselves individually, and as a collective.

Black femmes are almost never given the space to either place themselves first, or understand who they are fully, beyond the gaze of who they "should be." Here, we focus on self-actualization, & self relationship building.

We all we got! Both repairing, and strengthening the intra-racial relationships, among Black femmes are at the forefront. Here, we seek to unpack root issues, and ideate actionable solutions.

Encouraging us to dream big, while providing the resources to do so. Here, we also encourage financial emancipation via entrepreneurship, and circulating the Black dollar.