Tribe Transcendence, by B. Loving is a membership program curated for the collective transcendence of Black femmes. Taking our quarterly themes one step further, through activating, exchanging, and digging deeper within. This quarter, our theme is the Radical Understanding of Self. Where we will dig to the root our core to first understand who we are, independently of societal influences. Then learn how we can elevate our lives through our understanding of self. Please note that, applications are due on 5/15, members will be notified on 5/22, contracts and coins will be due on 5/29.

Our Intention

Our intention for Tribe Transcendence, by B. Loving, is to activate our mission, of helping to cultivate wholeness, through collective healing, conversation, and liberation. While also centering and honoring the complexity of our Blackness. Through monthly soul-filling barters, actionable workshops, and an online support group, with rotating topics, and meet up with Mental Wellness Professional, Camesha Jones. All curated to help you feed and fill the gaps in your soul, to fully stand in your power.

You Are

Someone who identifies as a Black femme or woman. You are actively on a journey to find your purpose, looking to start that journey, or already using your purpose to fulfill your mission. You are ready to build a deeper relationship with yourself, and willing to do what it takes to show up for yourself. If this sounds like you, please apply, and if it doesn't, no worries! We aren't seeking for you to have it all together, that's what this program is for. We just want to make sure that you are ready to put in that work for self, and thus for the collective!  


The transcendence of Black femmes shouldn't be reserved to those who can afford it. Therefore, Tribe Transcendence, by B. Loving, is offered at an affordable cost, and paired with, Transcend. A Collective Cushion, that allows for your to cover a member for their duration of the program. Either as a one time offering, or an ongoing offering in the following investment cycles. 

Investment Cycles

Monthly = $44 
Quarterly = $77
Yearly = $444


Transcendence Exchange, is a monthly reciprocity system focused on using our strengths, to feed each other's soul, and soul's work. While also getting our own souls fed in the process. Taking it back to the barter system, you will have the opportunity to receive a consultation across various industries. Or practical things that feed your soul instead, like a tarot reading, or a listening ear.  


What to Expect

Each month you will select your top three choices of exchanges to give, and exchanges to receive. After the ranking, you will be matched, connected and responsible for fulfilling your barter. Which we suggest completing in the form of a 30-60 minute consultation style phone conversation, or question and answer exchange via email. However, the how is up to you to make the final call. But don't worry! Before the exchanges begin, we'll send over best practices for getting the most out of your session!


Transcendence Within is an online chat based support group featuring rotating monthly topics, and a live monthly check-in with Mental Wellness Professional, Camesha Jones. 


What to Expect

Week 1: Learning about the monthly topic from a granular level, by learning what it means, what the implications are for Black femmes, and why it is an issue. 

Week 2: Here, members will receive a prompt connected to pop culture, that will allow for them to dig deeper, and thus connecting further to the topic.

Week 3: Reflection on the prompt, as well as solution ideation and resource exchange.

Week 4: An hour and a half, online meet-up with Mental Wellness Professional, and Founder of Sista Afya, Camesha Jones. This week, there will be three slots held to accomodate member's schedules. 


Transcendence Activated, is a monthly three-part online workshop, that takes you all the way from the first step of setting an intention, to the actionable next step. Topics of the workshops will rotate each month, in alignment with our quarterly themes. This month's quarter is  


What to Expect 

Part One: The first part will focus on preparing you work the workshop. Letting you know which material will be covered, what to expect, and how to make the most out of the workshop, including intention setting.

Part Two: The workshop will consist of a video, and accompanying worksheet. That allows for you apply the information and concepts learned to yourself and life.

Part Three: This is where we help you to take actionable next steps. By outlining how to deepen your study, and also supplying you with the resources to do it.